Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tips For Writers: How to Share Good News (& Not Sound Like an Asshole)

Tips For Writers: How to Share Good News (& Not Sound Like An Asshole)

June 21, 2016
Kathryn Mockler

There are many tips for writers about how to cope with rejection but few on how to deal with success and, more specifically, how to deal with it on social media.

If you have decided to become a professional writer, you likely will have some successes in your writing career even though it often doesn’t feel like it. These successes may come in the form of grants, publications, launches, readings, interviews, and awards.

It’s important to promote yourself and to let your peers and other people in your field know what’s going on. To be so humble that you never share any of your successes can be counter-productive and frankly annoying for your publisher or event organizers.

But one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is that some writers are better at sharing their good news on social media than others. Depending on the tone of the post, I can find myself either irritated with a writer or happy for them. Sometimes this may have to do with my own mood and issues and sometimes it has to do with how a writer has framed their good news.

Writers who successfully share positive updates about their writing career without alienating their followers, friends, and peers have a clear understanding of audience.

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Kathryn Mockler is a writer, editor, and publisher. She's written three books of poetry, six short films, and is the Toronto Editor for Joyland and the Publisher of The Rusty Toque. She teaches creative writing at Western University.

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