Friday, January 24, 2014

Puritan Authors Discuss Their Craft // Kathryn Mockler

Puritan Authors Discuss Their Craft // Kathryn Mockler

Start As You Will Go On, David Poolman (2004-5)
Past Puritan author (and Rusty Toque and Joyland editor) 

Kathryn Mockler discusses her poems (from way back in Issue 9: Winter 2010!) and the digital drawings and political unrest that inspired them.

“Global Warming” and “Gun Shots” are early versions of poems from my second poetry book, The Saddest Place on Earth (DC Books, 2012).

I started writing these poems in 2004, and the initial inspiration came from a series of digital drawings that my husband, David Poolman, was working on called Start As You Will Go On (2004-5).

After September 11th, I realized I wasn’t as informed as I should be about world events, so I made it my mission to know what was going on outside of my bubble. By 2004, I became particularly obsessed with the absurdity of the Iraq War and the media’s portrayal of it. The problem with being more informed is that it can lead to deep feelings of helplessness and despair, which I think set the tone for many of the poems in this collection.


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