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Multiplatform Resources

On May 27, 2011, I was a panelist at Writers' Union of Canada OnWords Conference. I've included a description of the panel below and links to resources on this topic.

Next Generation Genres: Writing at the Edge - Panel Description
New platforms change how narratives are written. No longer the lone artist struggling in solitude, the literary creator becomes a collaborator working with other creators in different media, or a co-creator with readers who are invited to change the narrative. The panel will address who creates, who curates, funds and supports and who disseminates these narratives. Moderated by author and first-vice chair Greg Hollingshead. Panelists are Alex Jansen from Pop Sandbox, a producer of innovative storytelling across platforms; Kathryn Mockler who writes poetry, fiction, and screenplays, and collaborates with artist, David Poolman, on experimental film and videos; and Caitlin Fisher who holds the Canada Research Chair in Digital Culture at York University. Sponsored by Cormorant Books and the University of Guelph's Creative Writing MFA.

The Multiplatform Environment: Resources

Further Reading
The Digital Flood: You'd Better Start Swimming' or You'll Sink Like a Stone by Kenneth Goldsmith, American poet and founding editor of On the Poetry Foundation's blog, Harriet, Goldsmith responds to Stephen Burt's post on drowning on digital deluge by arguing that we will never write the same way again.
Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy By Lawrence Lessig (Penguin Press HC) The author of Free Culture shows how we harm our children--and almost anyone who creates, enjoys, or sells any art form--with a restrictive copyright system driven by corporate interests. Lessig reveals the solutions to this impasse offered by a collaborative yet profitable "hybrid economy".
Stacked Podcast The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose: A discussion on how technology is changing storytelling (and in particular publishing).
The Tiny Book of Stories This first-edition of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories is a 64-page hardback tiny book. Featuring 31 favorite tiny stories and illustrations by 45 writers and artists from the 2,312 contributions to wirrow's endlessly popular Tiny Stories collaboration; plus a special introductory interview by RegularJOE & wirrow.  
Transmedia Across Disciplines at National Association of Broadcasters Leaders in the field of transmedia storytelling converged at the National Association of Broadcasters Show to discuss its potential for engaging audiences as well as best practices for the creation process. Moderated by USC’s Henry Jenkins, the academic who initially popularized the term, the panel featured experienced producers in the film, television and videogaming industries.

Artist Projects
Darren Wershler and Bill Kennedy's Status Update Project
Christine Leclerc's Enpipe Line collaborative protest poem
Madeleine Thien's website for Dogs at the Perimeter
Vanessa Place's Statement of Facts

Connecting with Other Writers
Figment is a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors.
American Zoetrope In March of 1998 Francis Coppola launched a website where writers could submit their short stories to his magazine, Zoetrope: All-Story. A community of writers quickly formed around the website. It became so popular so quickly that a few months later he created sites for novellas and screenplays. The Virtual Studio, which launched in June 2000, brings together the original sites as departments, plus includes new departments for other creative endeavors. Members can workshop a wide-range of film arts, including music, graphics, design, and film and video, as well as access some of the best e-collaboration tools. This site is the culmination of more than four years of work.

Connecting with Other Readers
Goodreads allows you to get recommendations of books and authors from people you know.
Library Thing is a book sharing site.

Online Archive Sites
UbuWeb the online avant-garde archive founded in 1996 by Kenneth Goldsmith.
Internet Archive offers permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.
Creative Commons provide individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to keep their copyright while allowing certain uses of their work — a “some rights reserved” approach to copyright — which makes their creative, educational, and scientific content instantly more compatible with the full potential of the internet.

Contemporary Literary Journals (Online or Multiplatform)
At Length is a venue for ambitious, in-depth writing, music, photography, and art that are open to possibilities shorter forms preclude.
CellStories is mobile-only storytelling.
DIAGRAM is an electronic journal of text and art.
Electric Literature's mission is to use new media and innovative distribution to return the short story to a place of prominence in popular culture. EL is quarterly anthology of five top-notch short stories, delivered in every viable medium.
La Petite Zine is an online journal, founded in 1999, that publishes poetry and short prose 1000 words or less.
The Adavist is a boutique publishing house producing original nonfiction stories for digital, mobile reading devices. 
Thought Catalog A digital mag for culture. A catalog of thought.
See left panel for a list of more journals on this blog.

Publishing Platforms
Lulu allows users to publish, design, and promote their own books.
Simple Note allows users to keep their notes and writing on their computer, mobile device, and the Web and to share or publish.
Muumuu House (est. 2008) is a publisher of poetry, fiction, Twitter selections, Gmail chats online and in print. Content is published online every 2 to 30 days. Books are published every .2 to 6 years and made available in the store. 

Collaborative Creative Platforms
Neovella allows users to write stories with multiple authors. allows users to collaborate in a variety of mediums (audio, text, video, image)
Massify filmmakers platform
JuntoBox Films filming and funding platform 
Kickstarter film funding platform
IndieGoGo film funding platform

Amazon Sales Rank Tracking Sites
Novelrank (no account required)


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